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Welcome to Traducteurs Assermentés S.A.R.L.

Certified translations for the major events in your life, since 1994

Be they for a birth, a change of nationality, an important sale or any other major event in your life, contact us for your legal translations...
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Extraits de naissance
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What should I do?
- Send us a copy of your document(s) to be translated - via this form
- You’ll receive an obligation free quote within 24 hours*.
- Within  4 days* after accepting our quotation, 1-4 page orders will be on their way by email and by tracked priority post.

(* on working days)

One of the major events in our life
One fine day in April 2015, after a visit from the French President, this ship, the Hermione, sailed on her maiden voyage from Ile d’Aix to the USA. She is the perfect replica of a 16th-century ship, but unlike in 1780, in order to enter their territorial waters, she needed to show the US Coastguards certified English translations of her registration certificate, her seaworthiness her International Load Line Certificates, her crew and firearms lists, etc.

Since proudly helping the Hermione to cross the seas, we have done hundreds of other certified translations for as many satisfied clients, but never again have we worked while the French President was visiting aboard.

(photo: ® André Girard)


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At the La Rochelle Maritime Museum until October 2021

We are proud to have translated this exhibition into English.

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