Our Prices

Many clients have said that out prices are attractive and without surprises.  All prices include taxes, tracked return postage and a secure PDF copy of your translation. Definitive quotations are provided free upon sighting your documents.

​​Prices for one-page* documents
- 1 document = 45€
- 2-7 documents = 40€ per document
- 8+ documents = 35€ per document
* A little over one page is not a problem, as long as we have an existing model.

- birth certificates (two abridged birth certificates count as only one page.)
- marriage certificates
- death certificates
- UK divorce papers
- degree certificates
- professional qualifications
- passports
- company registration certificates
- driving licences (both parts count as one)
- non-impediment certificates
- police records

Foggy Pier

Prices for texts
12-18 eurocents per word, depending on the difficulty and urgency. (Minimum order = 45€)

- adoption papers
- wills
- Articles of Association / Incorporation (a.k.a. Corporate Charters)
- court summonses
- judgements
- sales contracts
- employment agreements
- letters of recommendation
- pre-sale property agreements
- academic transcripts


Possible additional costs
•    Chronopost: France: 26 €, international: 49 €
•    Registered overseas delivery (per order): Europe: 7 €, Elsewhere: upon quotation
•    Additional certified copies of translations (when ordered simultaneously): 10 € / page
•    Reissue of past translations (without modifications): 20 € / page
•    Reissue of past translations (with a full proofread): 25 € / page
(Reissue prices include an extra certified copy of the original document.)

Urgent translations
If you need a translation urgently, we'll do our best, but any overtime hours will cost 25% extra.

Legalisation / Apostilles
•    Certification of translator’s signature by Town Hall, Chamber of Commerce or Notary Public (a.k.a. “Notarisation”): 25€ - 40€
•    Apostilles: free (a second recorded-delivery envelope is needed @ 4 €)

Our quotation policy
After sighting your documents, we’ll send you a quotation. You should print, sign and return it to us. If you are unable to do this, you can always pay us in advance. Within 48 hours* after accepting our quotation, the translations (1-4 pages) will be on their way (by email and by monitored priority post).

(* working days)

We accept payment by:
-  cheque
- bank transfer (SEPA)
- credit card (Carte bleue, Visa, Mastercard)